We are a Panamanian company that offers bay and fishing charter tours in the Panama Canal´s entrance, Amador Causeway, Panama Bay, Taboga and The Pearl Islands:

1.) Boat tour in the Causeway and Bay area visiting 6 destinations where you will be able to enjoy amazing views of Panama City’s skyline from the ocean. Price per person: $30.00

2.) Fishing Charters: ¡Click HERE to see our fleet, packages and rates!

For bookings call (507) 6948-7237

Bridge of the Americas

The Bridge of the Americas is one of the bridges that cross the Panama Canal.

Balboa Port

Across the Panama Canal, we find the Balboa Port located at its Pacific entrance.

Panama Canal Expansion

The Panama Canal expansion project, also called the Third Set of Locks Project.

The Biomuseum

Created in one of the most biodiversed places in the world, and in collaboration with scientists.

Panama City

Panama’s tallest skyscrapers are located in it’s capital, Panama City.

Amador Causeway

The Amador Causeway is a road that connects the continental part of Panama City.


Also we have fishing tours and trolling through the area of the Bay of Panama and nearby islands like Taboga and Taboguilla!


“Wonderful tour, my children loved the boat ride!” Edis

“It is amazing been able to see the city from the wáter. I’ve taken city-tours but it’s not the same” – William

“Excellent tour for the whole family” – Miguel

“I’ve lived all my life in Panama but seeing it from another perspective makes me fall in love with it again. Beautiful my Panama!” – Margarita

“I’ve never seen the back part of the Causeway. There is a little island and I didn’t know about it” – Samuel

“Great option to get out of the routine” – Catalina