Across the Panama Canal, we find the Balboa Port located at its Pacific entrance. Balboa was inaugurated in 1909, after receiving its present name, formerly known as Ancon Port. It was refurbished by the Americans at the beginning of the construction of the Canal from an old French dockage area.
At the moment, the Balboa Port is the only container terminal fully operating in the country to serve the many shipping lines for loading, discharging and transshipping operations from the Pacific basin to the region.

The Balboa Port has an ideal location to grow as a hub for cargo, connecting major liner services from Far East and North America to the west coast of South America, Central and the Caribbean. This seaport has been expanding its capacity  since its privatization, handling 2.76 million of TEUs during 2010.

With a total area of 30 hectare for container storage and 5 container berths, The Balboa Port operates with 22 Panamax, Post Panamax and Super Post Panamax quay cranes, and 51 RTGs. The transshipment operations of containerized cargo represent 92.8% of total the container movement while the rest is for the local market. A nearby interface with the railroad company allows the transshipment of containers bound to ports in Colon. The Balboa Port also receives and dispatches dry and liquid bulks and specialized cargo, and offers a total of 2,184 reefer connections.

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