It departs from the Diablo Public Ramp.

Crossing de Railroad that are in front of Albrook’s entrance, go straight to the end where you will find the Nacional Police Station.

12 in total; 10 passengers y 2 crew members.

Yes, they can but from 6 years old and older.

They are considered as children when they are up to 11 years old.

No. Children pay $20/child and adults $30/person.

1 and a half hours aprox. It depends on the weather.

The tour gets reprogrammed for another day taking in consideration the availability.

Yes it does. The boat has lifejackets and matches all the regulations that the Panama Maritime Authority requires.

Yes. There is a large sunshade that covers all the boat.

The boat has some plastics that roll down so you don’t get wet.

Because of the ACP regulations, the closest we can get is to the Diablo Public Ramp but you will be able to see them very good.