Panama’s tallest skyscrapers are located in it’s capital, Panama City. There is a large number of tall buildings under construction, on approval and in blueprints that are included in the top 200 world’s tallest buildings. The skyline of Panama City skyline has been known by its buildings and many consider this place as “The City of Skyscrapers” of Latin America.

The Panama Canal 14 000 vessels annual transit and the 150 international banks settlement are some of the reasons why Panama City has a huge demand for housing, therefore the construction of so many skyscrapers.

Panama began with the construction of the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Asuncion which was 27 meters high, being one of Panama City’s tallest buildings back in the XVII Century. Panama didn’t have skyscrapers back in the days but as the time passed, it began their construction, becoming one of the cities with most tall buildings in America.

For several years, the skyline of Panama City did not change much, it only had four buildings over 150 meters high but in the decade of 2000, constructions became more frequent, AND shaping the skyline you are able to see now.

On 2011, The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower finished its construction and, with 284 meters high became Panama City’s tallest building.

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