Created in one of the most biodiversed places in the world, and in collaboration with scientists from The Panama University and The Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Investigation, the Biomuseum open its doors on October 2, 2014. The building was designed by the world renowned arquitect Frank Gehry. It has 13 411 square meters and it is the only project built in America by Gehry.

The Biomuseum has stunning views of the Panama Bay to the east and the Pacific entrance of The Panama Canal to the west, the amazing building was erected by Gehry to be the home of a series of permanent expositions designed in collaboration with Bruce Mau, surrounded by the Botanic Park that was created by the famous landscaper Edwina von Gal.

The building, expositions and the Botanic Park are an important civic and educational resource to Panamanians and a cultural attraction for visitors from all over the world, unveiling the importance that Panama had over more than three million years of change and biological evolution.

The Biomuseum is one of the few Smithsonian affiliates outside The United States and its construction was possible thanks to The Amador Foundation and the Panamanian Government who donated the project site.

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